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Covid 19 Protocols & Adherence


We continue to keep our strict protocols to avoid cross infections.

As a reminder, below are the necessary steps we take:


1. All the clinicians have full PPE and wash our hands and forearms after each patient. We wash our hands again with the next patient.
2. The room including the treatment couch is sanitised after each patient.
3. We use plastic pillows which are, again sanitised after each use.
4. The room is aerated continuously by keeping a window open and the air extractor is turned on.


1. The cleaning and sanitisation which was done regularly pre-Covid is now carried out after each patient.
2. 70% alcohol gel is provided as you enter.
3. You need to come with your own face covering or face mask.
4. The reception ladies will wear a facial shield and there are 2 metre markings.
5. Payments and making further appointments are conducted away from the reception desk.
6. Payments by debit card, cheque or cash are accepted, as normal. The card machine is sanitised after each use.

We continue to control “human traffic” and can we please ask you to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment.

Please come by yourself unless a chaperone is necessary. As usual, we triage patients by asking a few questions when making appointments.

We look forward to continuing to provide care for you in a very safe environment.

With our best wishes,

Tendy, Nonica, Lauren, Adela, Linda and Teresa

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