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Pursuing a career in Osteopathic Medicine has boosted Motoko’s passion for comprehensive care and improving patient health and well-being with her knowledge and fascination with how the body functions.

Motoko graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine achieving a Masters of Osteopathy degree and Diploma in Naturopathy.  Motoko continues to furthering her practical skills and knowledge particularly within Paediatric Osteopathy.  Currently, Motoko is undertaking a post-graduate course at the world-famous Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.

Prior to her career in Osteopathy, Motoko had spent over a decade as a massage therapist at a prestigious 5-star hotel spa in London.  Through her vast experience as a massage therapist, she gained exceptional observation and palpation skills that have proven invaluable in her pursuit of the career in Osteopathy.

Professional Achievements

Motoko has had the privilege to provide care to those from all walks of life and has experience treating a wide range of complaints from spinal nerve and slipped disc to occupational and sport related repetitive strain injuries (RSI).  She has a special interest in ante-natal care, seeing Mums with aches and pains.  Please click our Ante Natal Clinic for more information.  Ante Natal Clinic – Finchley Osteopaths: Osteopathic Treatment | Headaches | Sports Injuries

Therapist Qualifications

Masters of Osteopathic Medicine

Naturopathy Diploma

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