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Nonica is a deeply caring osteopath who has experience working with people of different ages and walks of life. She has experience treating a wide variety of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions, and her management is specifically tailored towards the patient's needs.


Nonica graduated with  Distinction in Masters of Osteopathic Medicine from The University College of Osteopathy (Formerly The British School of Osteopathy).  She graduated with a first in her year and received consecutive awards for best overall academic performance for second, third and final years.


Prior to her career as an osteopath, Nonica was a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. She trained at the Greek National Ballet and London Contemporary Dance School and performed internationally for 11 years. Her passion for osteopathy began to develop after receiving osteopathic treatments for injuries as an elite performer. As an osteopath, Nonica uses her experiences and advanced understanding of body movement and mobility to assess and treat patients. Also giving her a natural interest and ability in treating dancers.

Professional Achievements

Coordinator of Clinical Education and oversees both the volunteer aide and graduate student intern programs. Member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and has an active interest in the growth of the greater dance medicine community.

Has a special interest in treating injuries in dancers and runs the Headache Clinic at Finchley Osteopaths.

Therapist Qualifications

  Masters of Osteopathic Medicine

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