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Healthy Ageing

Everybody gets grey hair and wrinkles as we get older.  In the same way, it is normal for our muscles, bones, joints and associated tissues to change as we age.

Ageing does not necessarily mean that we will experience pain or stiffness.  However, if this does become a problem, people often find that treatment and advice from an osteopath help.  At Finchley Osteopaths we specialise in Geriatric Care.  All our Osteopaths are experienced in treating the elderly with our gentle treatment.


Keeping active will help to promote Good Health and prevent Dementia.

  • 5 hours, of moderate exercises/week e.g.: brisk walking, pushing lawn-mover.  In a block of 10 minutes or more. e.g.: 20 minutes/day or 10 minutes twice/day.

Enough to make you warm and breathe harder, e.g.: brisk walking.

75 minutes, if possible, more vigorous exercises/week e.g.: running, tennis, skipping rope.  2 x week for strengthening exercises.  Do ask one of us as to what will be more appropriate for you.


  • Eat a healthy and varied diet
  • Weight management
  • Have enough sleep (see the Sleeping Article)
  • Some form of balance exercises twice/week

E.g. Tai Chi, yoga, dancing – to reduce risk of falling plus exercises to strengthen your arms, legs and body.


Gardening as Exercises

Standing to prune and kneel to weed, etc.


  • Warm/suitable clothing
  • Kneeling pads with stands



House Work as Exercises

  • Plan how to tackle each room
  • Vary your tasks

For example;

Do some dusting, standing keeping your back straight and if you can, at the same time, breathe in, tightening your abdomen and hold your breath for a few seconds.

Then, do some hoovering in another room for a few minutes, return to finish the rest of dusting in the previous room.  Lean on the lower table with one hand while dusting.


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