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Ruby is passionate about treating a wide range of patients from the young to the elderly.

Ruby graduated with a Masters of Osteopathic medicine from The University College of Osteopathy.

Ruby has experience treating sports injuries in marathon runners, golfers and climbers; repetitive strain injuries and neck pain in office workers; low back pain in pregnant women; and growing pains in children. Her breadth of experience makes her adept at treating all manners of ailments including: sciatica, low back pain, headaches, hip pain, arthritis, and knee pain, to name but a few.

Professional Achievements
Ruby's interest in osteopathy began after benefiting from treatment as a child. With a keen interest in nutrition and fitness she leads an active lifestyle enjoying running, yoga, tai chi, bouldering and cycling. Ruby aims to enhance her patient's resilience, wellbeing and ability to live a more active and personally fulfilling life.

Therapist Qualifications

  Masters of Osteopathic medicine

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