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Dancers need an extremely extensive physical skill set in order to train and perform. Being strong, flexible, fast and stable, being able to pick up movement quickly, and understanding spatial relationships are just a few of the skills necessary.

The intense training can put stress on the body, and lead to many injuries, acute and chronic.

At Finchley Osteopaths Dance Injury Clinic we provide dancers of different styles and backgrounds the specialist care they need to overcome and prevent their injuries.

In addition, we focus on strengthening the dancers’ bodies and improve their dance technique. We are passionate about enhancing dancers’ health, wellbeing and performance. 

Who Runs The Dance Injury Clinic?

Osteopathy is not only for managing an existing injury.

Preventing injury by noticing compromised structures and poor body mechanics before they start to create problems is one of the best ways to ensure an uninterrupted career in dance.

Our team works alongside GPs, orthopaedic consultants, nutritionists, psychologists and other specialists that together provide care for the person as a whole.

The aim of these treatments is to support the dancers’ physical and psychological health through education and evidence-based practice.

The dancer’s body needs a very different kind of care than the average person on the street. That’s why dance-specific treatment can be greatly beneficial for dancers.


How Does The Dance Injury Clinic Work?

Finchley Osteopaths Dance Injury Clinic specialises in treating dancers in all stages of their career:

  • We provide emergency consultations to dancers with new injuries, which includes diagnosis, treatment plan, conditioning and education.
  • We assess the source of the problem, working together on relieving the pain, and finding effective ways of re-training the body to prevent further pain or injuries.
  • We help to improve performance, gain flexibility, or feel a greater sense of comfort and stability.

If you are injured, or not sure if the pain you are experiencing is due to an injury, you are welcome to speak to Nonica over the phone first of all.

Nonica is always happy to discuss options and treatment plans with you.

The clinic is run by award-winning osteopath Nonica Papageorgiou. Having danced professionally for many years, Nonica completely understands the trials and tribulations of the dance profession.

During her dance career, osteopathic treatment helped her when injured and left a deep impression on her. She became an osteopath herself so that she could help others thrive. She is passionate about helping dancers reach their full physical potential, allowing them to perform with comfort and ease.

Her practice is based on high quality scientific knowledge and evidence-based healthcare. Nonica is listed as a healthcare practitioner on the One Dance UK Healthcare Directory. She is also a member of the Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association.


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